Any event starts at 9:00 pm. You are invited to the bar, which will help you unwind; you can take a look at other guests or have a chat.
Music will encourage you to dance. You can bop to disco rhythms, see our pole dancer, and a great many of us will be given a chance to deliver our own pole dancing show, which is often one of your wild dreams (especially of ladies). Later on, we slow down a little, and in the romantic vibes we head for the parlor on floor 2.
Here is the jacuzzi - it's up to you what to do next.
Nobody must become an instant participant in the games; you can only sit over a drink, take a shower, have a bath in the Jacuzzi, take a secret look at another couples, and when you feel that "sometimes our passions get the better of us" , join the rumpy-pumpy fun.
If you are novices and have never swung as yet, feel free and observe others in action.
If the drinks and chats to other couples have not broken your fear, you can have a thoroughly good time only with your partner and nobody will blame you for it; anyway, wouldn't it be worth trying your hand at something new?
However, if you were unable to overcome your fear, welcome to our little rooms where you can abandon yourself to pleasure with your partner only.
Tolerance and full acceptance guaranteed.

As far as discretion is concerned, nobody wants you to give your very names; it is even better to have one's own nickname, which generates a special aura which can be overcome only by yourselves as soon as you have become confident in other guests. But please remember that all other guests want discretion, so let us trust one another.

It was nothing else but the decision of all guests to meet here to have good fun.
When you have made your minds what to do, you can go on to the cloakroom and get rid of superfluous clothes, change and put on dressing gowns or take scented towels and...

When relaxed and desirous of new experiences, you will discern couples who are of interest for you; don't be shy, you appeal to them, too. Don't waste a night for mulling over - now that you have come to see us, you must have had a fixed goal , so go ahead...

Don't be discouraged by a refusal - you are going to have a good time, all guests are well-mannered and discrete fellows; perhaps they are those who are still afraid, this is their first time and they do not know how to go about it.
And perhaps you are those to help someone else's dreams come true? Such dreams may be difficult to speak about, but our club is a place free of shame and inhibitions; however, everything not beyond the bounces of good taste and reason.

In the morning you will experience a nice fatigue accompanied by immense satisfaction; this is unforgettable, we flash back to it, we are sure you will!.

WELCOME in a week's time! You can't be waiting any longer, can you? Neither can we!!!
You are not different, the only thing is that you can speak about it. So join us at the next event with a couple of friends and have a good time together!