If you find our club interesting, please contact us at the telephone number 692 073 290
or at www.swingersclub.com.pl,

Our club is sited at the centre of Czestochowa. It is easily accessible from the expressway Warsaw - Katowice. Reach Mc Donalds bars, sited on both the sides of the expressway - one at Tesco, the other nearby Castorama, turn at the traffic lights (to the left when driving from Katowice, or to the right driving from Warsaw) so that Castorama is situated at your right.
Drive on to the successive intersection, take the left-hand lane and turn to the left. Go past the successive traffic light at the school, drive up a little straight on, take the first street to the right and you will catch sight of our club. Red lights will attract your attention. A guarded 24h parking lot is sited 50 m from the club, so you need not worry about your "wheels".

Write an e-mail message to us: czestochowa@swingersclub.com.pl