Our events are held once a week, always on Saturdays, for 8-10 couples; anyway, we may entertain more but only if prior arrangements have been made. We start at 9:00 pm, and the end depends only on you and your fit.

You must contact us before on the phone and confirm your participation in an event.
The price includes a sumptuous cold buffet, jacuzzi, all-night party and accommodation in our small rooms for those who want to rest.

Cost of an event: 250 zl per couple.
Singles - gratis.
On each last Sunday of a month, we invite singles to participate in our party,
Price: 250 zl , like per couple.

Attractive discounts for loyal club members
On other weekdays, we organize custom-made events in any configurations
Admission - 150 zl per couple.
Singles - gratis.